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A Powerful Tool to Help Release Negative Patterns

Many of us carry painful experiences, and sometimes, those past encounters linger, influencing our lives through behavioral patterns we adopt to avoid reliving that pain. These behaviors can work as protectors, as a way of preventing experiencing pain when we encounter specific places, situations, times in our lives, or even certain individuals.


For me, the core memory that caused pain and spiraled into a negative behavioral pattern was feeling rejected at a very young age by someone who I believed would love me unconditionally and would be as eager to build a bond with me as I was with them.


This created a deeply repressed memory that I carried for nearly 40 years…and up until recently was completely unaware that I was doing this. Not only did this painful memory live in me, but it altered my behavior in the way I perceived love and relationships with others and how I proceeded with caution in every interaction.


Emotional baggage comes in many forms – it could be the residue for heartbreak, the scars of betrayal, or the echoes of childhood wounds. Whatever its origins, carrying this baggage weighs us down, impeding our journey towards inner peace and emotional freedom. It has the ability to prevent us from living full out, with joy, curiosity, and fearlessness.


The first step towards liberation is acknowledgement. We must confront our emotional baggage with honesty and compassion, recognizing its existence and its impact on our lives. Denial only strengthens its grip, while acknowledgement opens the door to healing.


For some of us, acknowledgement is easy. It’s the reliving that is painful. In my case, I lacked the ability to acknowledge it because it was buried too deep. But with the assistance of an energy healing modality known as Biofield Tuning I was able to recall it and acknowledge the ownership it held over me.


During my Biofield Tuning session, the practitioner brought up a couple of different signifiers that at first, I didn’t recall. But as she dove deeper the memory and emotions tied to it surfaced. Not a pleasant experience, but very much needed in order to heal, by releasing it once and for all. So, I felt it…all of it.


While that pain is at the surface and being released, I was guided, with the help of a Biofield Tuning practitioner, to shift my perspective and see the same moment from the other’s point of view to the point of somewhat understanding (even in the dysfunction of it all).


Although this doesn’t justify any malicious behavior I encountered, I was able to come to an understanding of the emotions that were running through them, therefore helping me to accept, forgive and ultimately release from my body and mind for good.


It was truly a magical moment. The patterns will continue to unravel in the weeks that follow and allow me to identify lessons in that experience, asking myself “how do I want to use this experience moving forward?” The biggest difference today is, I can ask that without the attachment of negative emotions.


In conclusion, the Biofield Tuning session proved to be a profound and transformative experience, albeit one that required considerable energy and introspection.


It’s essential to prioritize rest and self-care in the aftermath of such a session. Taking time to unwind and nurture oneself, perhaps through activities like an Epsom salt bath or simply allowing for moments of stillness, can aid in the integration of the emotions and patterns that have surfaced.


Looking ahead, I’m filled with optimism and sense of newfound spaciousness within. The release of pent-up emotions and the unraveling of deeply ingrained patterns offer the promise of growth, healing, and a more authentic way of being. With this newfound clarity and openness, I am eager to embrace life’s journey with renewed vitality and joy.


Thank you for joining me on this exploration of healing and transformation. May we all continue to walk the path towards greater wholeness and well-being, one step at a time.


If this type of energy healing interests you and you want more information, check out my recent interview with Biofield Energy Practitioner Wanda Correia here: Cut Ties w Trauma: Energy Healing w/Biofield Tuning.






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