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Awaken Your Spirit: Embracing Spiritual Practices for a Meaningful and Purpose Driven Life

Embark on a Soulful Journey: Embrace Holistic Healing at Your Own Pace

Hi, I'm Eva Marie! As a Health and Wellness Coach, I help you reclaim and restore your health by providing customized support that leads you back to health, wellness, and happiness.

How often have you been able to say that you feel genuinely healthy from the inside out? That your wellness is sustained through good habits over band-aid solutions?

As someone who has overcome my struggles with health and well-being, I've learned that functional medicine offers a more holistic and healing-focused approach to treating our illnesses at their root cause. It may seem difficult and daunting to begin, but the shift in behavior and mindset is necessary to build a better you. So I'm here to guide you to a better direction—a clearer path.

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About Spirituality Coaching

Spirituality coaching delves into the depths of your soul, helping you unlock the wisdom, peace, and purpose that reside within. It is a transformative partnership that honors your unique spiritual path and supports you in aligning with your higher self and divine essence.

Together, we will explore the vast dimensions of spirituality, nurturing your connection to the divine and awakening your inner potential. Through personalized coaching sessions, we will delve into the realms of mindfulness, meditation, energy work, and other spiritual practices that resonate with your soul.

As your spirituality coach, my role is to provide a nurturing and compassionate space for your growth. I will assist you in deepening your spiritual practices, developing your intuition, and cultivating a greater sense of presence and awareness in your everyday life.

With guidance and support, you will learn to navigate the challenges and uncertainties that may arise on your spiritual path. We will work together to overcome limiting beliefs, release blockages, and embrace the transformative power of self-discovery.

Spirituality coaching is not confined to any specific religious or spiritual tradition; it is a universal exploration of the sacred within and around us. Whether you seek to deepen your connection to a higher power, explore your life's purpose, or find solace in times of change, spirituality coaching offers a guiding light.

Are you ready to embark on this extraordinary journey of self-discovery, connection, and growth? Together, let us create a sacred space where your spirit can flourish, your heart can heal, and your soul can soar. I invite you to take this transformative step towards embracing holistic healing and awakening your true spiritual potential.

Benefits of Spirituality Coaching



Manage your symptoms

Joint pain, brain fog, migraines, bloating, poor sleep, and lethargy, among others, are all symptoms that point to a deeper health problem that needs addressing. My coaching sessions enable you to recognize, predict, and eventually master painful symptoms.


Shift from survive to thrive 

Chronic symptoms rewire our brains to live in survival mode and have an impact on our thoughts and emotions. Having the right methods and tools will allow you to take the helm and maintain a healthy nervous system, designed to help you heal and keep you in a state of homeostasis.


Get your life back

Your constant battle with health prevents you from experiencing joy, humor, and deep human connection. Commitment to progress will help you master your thoughts, address the roots of your health issues,  and experience, once again, what it means to be truly alive.

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